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Emin Hasic is a renowned authority in the realms of data privacy, data security, smart cities, and for the past decade incorporating AI expertise. With over 30 years of experience, Emin has amassed an impressive depth of knowledge. As a Data Privacy and AI Expert, his prowess in navigating the intricacies of GDPR, data privacy compliance, and AI technologies sets him apart as a trusted figure in the industry.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, born in 1964, Emin’s intrigue for data privacy was evident from an early age. His self-driven educational journey over three decades, enriched by seminal academic papers and literature, has endowed him with a distinctive insight into GDPR’s challenges and possibilities.

Beyond his professional accolades, Emin stands as a pioneering entrepreneur known for his transparent ethos. His leadership skills and the ability to acknowledge his errors, transforming them into stepping stones, speak volumes of his character.

On the personal front, Emin’s heart finds solace in the company of his beloved wife, Billie. The duo share a profound affection for animals. Their home has been a sanctuary for 10 stray cats, and they’re eagerly anticipating welcoming two border collies into their family. The couple also blends their artistic inclinations with “Rosemin Studio”, a flourishing photography business that encapsulates their unparalleled vision through mesmerizing images.

Emin’s vast experience in data privacy, data security, and AI offers him a unique vantage point when contemplating the future of Smart Cities. His comprehensive understanding and innovative approaches cater to the evolving demands of metropolitan populations.

In the evolving landscape of Smart Cities, Emin stands out as a beacon of expertise. His profound understanding of data privacy, combined with his AI expertise, offers indispensable insights for the development and implementation of Smart City technologies, guaranteeing urbanite safety and security.

“Data Privacy and Smart Cities/AI are two sides of the same coin; one cannot exist without the other. Like the laws of the universe, they are intertwined and must be approached with the same level of curiosity, diligence, and respect if we are to unlock their true potential.”

Emin Hasic

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