Trust Becomes Critical to Brand Reputation

Governments worldwide have been tightening data protection laws in response to major data breaches, drawing attention once again to data privacy. In Australia, the Attorney General’s Department recently reviewed the Privacy Act to reform the country’s privacy law, clarifying what information should be protected and equipping regulators with more options to enforce privacy breaches. Speaking […]

Doctors Selling Patients’ Personal Data

Published: In recent years, the healthcare industry has been rocked by data breaches and privacy concerns. While many of these breaches have been linked to technology and cyberattacks, a new threat has emerged: doctors selling patients’ personal data. According to recent reports, some medical professionals are selling their patients’ personal information to third-party companies. This […]

21 Notable Data Breaches of 2014

Published: eBay: In May 2014, eBay announced that hackers had stolen the personal information of over 145 million users, including names, addresses, birthdates, and passwords. JPMorgan Chase: In August 2014, JPMorgan Chase revealed that hackers had gained access to the personal information of 76 million households and 7 million small businesses, including names, addresses, phone […]

How Your Data Is Sold On The Dark Web

Published: Data breaches and cyber attacks have become increasingly common, leading to a rise in the demand for personal information on the Dark Web. This underground marketplace is where individuals can sell and purchase stolen data, including social security numbers, credit card information, and login credentials. While the Dark Web offers anonymity and the potential […]

Data Breaches in 2013 and Lessons Learned

Published: In 2013, data breaches continued to be a major concern, with high-profile companies such as Target and Adobe experiencing significant breaches. These breaches not only compromised the personal information of millions of consumers but also had a significant impact on the companies’ reputations and bottom lines. In this article, we’ll discuss the impact of […]

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