EU-US Privacy Shield

Published: In a landmark decision, the European Court of Justice has struck down the Safe Harbor agreement, which allowed US companies to transfer personal data from the European Union to the US. The ruling came in response to a legal challenge brought by Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems, who argued that the agreement did not […]

The History of Spyware and Citizen Surveillance

Published: As revelations about government surveillance continue to shock the public, many are left wondering how we got to this point. The use of spyware to monitor citizens is not a new phenomenon, but rather a long-standing practice that has evolved with advances in technology. The first known use of spyware dates back to the […]

The NSA Scandal and How It Impacted Data Privacy in 2013

Published: In June of 2013, a 29-year-old former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor named Edward Snowden leaked classified documents to journalists, revealing the extent of the US government’s surveillance practices. The documents showed that the government was collecting vast amounts of data on both American citizens and foreign nationals, including phone records, internet activity, and […]

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