Reshaping the Future in AI Healthcare and Education

Published: The economic stability of our world is largely interconnected with the health and education sectors. Astoundingly, approximately 80% of our global economic challenges are built around these two critical areas. How, then, do we navigate these concerns and ensure long-lasting fiscal balance? The answer may lie in artificial intelligence (AI). The promise of AI […]

Probability for Data Science

Published: As a data scientist and privacy expert, I can’t emphasize enough the role of probability in the data science landscape. It’s not just about understanding numbers, patterns, and algorithms; it’s also about understanding uncertainty, estimating the chances of certain outcomes, and managing the risks associated with data use and interpretation. The Cornerstone (Basic Probability […]

Political Landscape Fails to Comply with GDPR

Published: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect since May 2018, yet there is growing concern that the political landscape is failing to comply with this important regulation. The GDPR is designed to protect the privacy and personal data of EU citizens, but recent events have demonstrated that political parties and organizations […]

Doctors Selling Patients’ Personal Data

Published: In recent years, the healthcare industry has been rocked by data breaches and privacy concerns. While many of these breaches have been linked to technology and cyberattacks, a new threat has emerged: doctors selling patients’ personal data. According to recent reports, some medical professionals are selling their patients’ personal information to third-party companies. This […]

The Ashley Madison Hack

Published: A group of hackers calling themselves “The Impact Team” claimed responsibility for hacking into the servers of Ashley Madison, a website that promotes and facilitates extramarital affairs. The hackers threatened to release the personal information of millions of Ashley Madison users if the website was not shut down immediately. Within days, the hackers followed […]

Facebook’s Emotional Manipulation Study

Published: In a groundbreaking study that was first published in 2014, Facebook revealed that it had conducted research on the emotional content of users’ newsfeeds without their knowledge or consent. The study, which was conducted in 2014, manipulated the emotional content of users’ newsfeeds to determine if it had an impact on their emotional state. […]

I Spy With My Little Eyes and Then Some

Published: The rise of digital technology has transformed the way intelligence agencies gather information about individuals. With the proliferation of electronic devices, social media platforms, and other online services, it has become easier than ever for spy agencies to monitor and collect data on a target. One of the primary methods used by intelligence agencies […]

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